Smarter, more personalized plans drive better student, academic and institutional outcomes

The breadth and depth of data at your institution are significant. The challenge is not lack of inputs but building the right plans to maximize success—and keeping those plans current—no matter how complex or variable the inputs.


What is the fastest route to completion for this part-time transfer student with specific financial aid restrictions?


How many seats will we need for a key milestone course next year?


Which degree would be quickest to complete for each enrolled student?


EduNav mathematicians and scientists use mathematical optimization and machine learning-assisted data analysis to continuously refine the algorithm that powers SmartPlan and other EduNav solutions.


This ongoing refinement helps your institution, departments and students know and be confident in their best next step.

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About the SmartPlan algorithm

As the backbone of each educational plan, the SmartPlan algorithm considers the unique circumstances and constraints of each student, along with real-time data from the student information and the degree audit systems, real-time seat availability, and the guidelines of your institution’s advisors. Plans update automatically as any circumstance changes.