Optimize resources and time to completion with personalized, real-time educational plans
EduNav Campus promotes persistence and timely completion by providing a personalized, always up-to-date, optimal pathway for every student.
The suite’s power rests in its underlying algorithm. The unique algorithm leads the industry in its capability and performance, updating educational plans in real time—even when student constraints change. Even when courses fill. Even when degree requirements shift.
This flexibility and precision allow each student to see exactly what they need to take and when—and what would happen if they postponed Chem 215, blocked out Friday afternoons, or changed any other factor in their educational plan.
Better-informed students mean better academic decisions, fewer wasted credits, and a timelier path to completion. All of which increases retention, strengthens outcomes, and improves operational efficiency for colleges and universities.

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Generate a personalized, always up-to-date, optimal pathway to completion.


Present the best available schedule that leads to on-time graduation, and register with one click.


Create an educational plan for every student. Accurately forecast course demand in future terms.

Completion Analysis

Determine which degrees each student has completed or is closest to completing.