Generate personalized, always up-to-date educational plans

EduNav SmartPlan uses a sophisticated algorithm to generate personalized educational plans that put students on their optimal path to completion. Each plan honors the student’s unique considerations and constraints, along with real-time data from student information and degree audit systems, current seat availability, and advisor guidance.

Real-time responsiveness

Each educational plan automatically recalculates when a section fills, the student withdraws from a course, a section is added—any time any circumstance changes.

Clear accountability

If a student departs from the suggested schedule, the student is warned of any financial or time-to-completion consequences and required to affirm before proceeding.

Transfer management

SmartPlan can support all your articulation agreements for successful transfers, so it’s easy for transfer students to understand their journey.

Scenario testing

Students can experiment with different majors, the current schedule, or planned courses to understand how their decisions influence costs and time to completion.

Institutional insight

Because students have to acknowledge and affirm decisions that take them off track, institutions can identify trends and intervene whenever necessary.

SmartPlan eliminates the guesswork of manual planning, by automatically providing students:

  • A personalized, optimized, always up-to-date educational plan all the way to completion
  • The ability to quickly understand the time and costs associated with different degrees and “what if” scenarios
  • Feedback on the implications of decisions before they are made
  • Suggestions on simple changes that would enable them to graduate sooner
  • The most current course options available
  • A downloadable report that details academic history, the current schedule, planned courses, a full degree audit, and financials

With the EduNav Campus suite, students have the educational GPS they need.

Whatever the destination, EduNav solutions calculate the smartest path, routing and re-routing in real-time according to institutional requirements, changes in course availability, personal constraints, and any other factor.