The SmartPlan algorithm makes it possible

Data itself is not transformative. It doesn’t do anything unless you know how to use it and act with it. The real value shines in the algorithm—algorithms define action. The SmartPlan algorithm is the core of EduNav Campus offerings. Unlike static degree-mapping software, the algorithm operates similar to GPS, enabling you to:


  • Automatically create personalized, optimal educational plans all the way to graduation for each student based on the actual degree requirements
  • Automatically recalculate and revise a student’s entire educational plan and class schedules when any condition changes
  • Warn students of possible negative consequences when they set a problematic planning constraint (e.g., avoid Tuesday courses, take eight credits)
  • Recommend beneficial alternatives or minor adjustments to students’ constraints to save academic terms
  • Detect general pitfalls to persistence and completion at the course or program level
  • Forecast more accurate course capacities for future terms
  • Identify which degrees each student is closest to completing


The SmartPlan algorithm considers the unique circumstances and constraints of each student, along with real-time data from the student information and the degree audit systems, real-time seat availability, and the guidelines of your institution’s advisors. And students benefit from plan updates the second any circumstance changes. Up-to-date educational plans for every student enable you to more accurately forecast and prepare for course demand, as well as take the steps necessary to meet your completion goals.