Let students proceed straight from their SmartPlan educational plan

EduNav Registration helps students avoid wasting time and credits in unnecessary courses by recommending the best schedule based on the SmartPlan algorithm. Students register for the entire term with one click, so there’s no “cart” to load course by course. And if a section fills, EduNav SmartPlan evaluates all course options relevant to the student’s educational plan in real-time, replacing courses—not just sections—as necessary.

Registration provides:

  • Seamless integration with educational plans
  • Automatic plan recalculation as sections fill or otherwise become unavailable
  • One-click schedule selection for a smooth user experience

With the EduNav Campus suite, students have the educational GPS they need.

Whatever the destination, EduNav solutions calculate the smartest path, routing and re-routing in real-time according to institutional requirements, changes in course availability