Advise students on the degrees that are within closest reach

EduNav Completion Analysis cross-references every student with every degree at your institution and reports which three degrees each student is closest to completing. It also reports which students are already eligible for a degree at the institution.

Financial aid adherence

Ensure you meet Title IV conditions by verifying that students don’t meet the requirements for any degree at your institution.

Student insight

Provide students with information about their fastest path to completion.

Graduation acceleration

Help students select degrees that are closer to completion.

Completion Analysis includes:

  • Visibility into where students meet all the requirements of any degree at your institution, regardless of declared goal
  • Details about the three degrees each student is closest to completing
  • Downloadable data sets you can query to understand completion data at your institution

With the EduNav Campus suite, students have the educational GPS they need.

Whatever the destination, EduNav solutions calculate the smartest path, routing and re-routing in real-time according to institutional requirements, changes in course availability, personal constraints, and any other factor.