Provide real-time details on each student’s advancement

EduNav Audit is a comprehensive, modern degree audit system that ensures students, advisors, and administrators are all on the same page about each student’s degree and certificate requirements and their headway toward those goals. What sets EduNav Audit apart is its seamless integration with planning and scheduling, providing visibility into how requirements will be met and when.

Superior student experience

A built-in audit view within the planning screen allows students to manage planning, scheduling, and registration, as well as view how they are progressing against requirements—all in one place. And unlike other audit systems, Audit shows how unmet requirements will be addressed by which courses and by when.

Modern user interface

The intuitive, user-friendly interface for both administrators and students alike provides hyperlinks to the electronic course catalog.

Requirements visualization

Unification of the planning and degree audit systems enables administrators to compare degree requirements against student plans in real time. This connection allows you to spot requirements mistakes immediately.

Unified administrator experience

Real-time integration with your student information system allows administrators to view placements, permits, and holds within the degree audit system.

Audit provides the most modern and comprehensive degree audit system in the market and includes:

  • The ability to track progress on all degree requirements including multiple degrees, concentrations, certificates, and successful transfers
  • One-click drilldown capability that enables students to see the full list of courses that satisfy each requirement
  • Simple and intuitive web-based management of exceptions and waivers
  • Identification of unallocated courses in each student’s plans

With the EduNav Campus suite, students have the educational GPS they need.

Whatever the destination, EduNav solutions calculate the smartest path, routing and re-routing in real time according to institutional requirements, changes in course availability, personal constraints, and any other factor.