Improve student persistence and completion with advanced educational planning

False starts, unnecessary courses, meandering degree paths. All are common missteps that can add time and cost to student completion. Imagine your students knowing both missteps and smart steps in advance—before registration, before veering off track, before adding an avoidable semester.
With the EduNav Campus suite, they have the educational GPS they need.
Whatever the student destination, EduNav solutions calculate the smartest path, routing and re-routing in real time according to institutional requirements, changes in course availability, personal constraints and any other factor.
For students, the smartest path means timelier completion. For institutions, it means delivering on your core mission.

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Generate a personalized, always up-to-date, optimal pathway to completion.


Present the best available schedule that leads to on-time graduation, and register with one click.


Create an educational plan for every student. Accurately forecast course demand in future terms.

Completion Analysis

Determine which degrees each student has completed or is closest to completing.


How machine learning and mathematical optimization advance the completion agenda.


The engine that plots the optimal path to completion for every student in real time.


Expertise to help you transform the educational experience of your students.